A farewell to Ghent and Gerald - A Pink Sneaker hotel review of the ever so fabulous Hotel Orion

A farewell to Ghent would not be complete without also bidding adieu to Gerald’s ever so fabulously quaint hotel.  Centrally located, just a hop, skip and a jump away from the railway station, Hotel Orion was a true gem of a find, ranking #07 out of 39 Trip Advisor reviewed hotels.  A former mansion, now grandly transformed into a modern day luxe hotel, this 1928 Art Deco Villa did not disappoint, catering to both back-packers and jet-setters alike.  Boasting an indoor swimming pool, sauna and fitness facility as well as an outdoor garden and terrace, this four star accommodation has a little bit of something to please everyone and anyone.

Hotel Orion in Ghent

En route to Hotel Orion

From the moment I placed my pink sneaker clad foot across the threshold into my new home away from home, I was instantly charmed by proprietor Gerald’s welcoming hospitality and kindness.  A perfect fit for both frugal and spendthrift budgets, the suites on offer were roomy and spacious – quite the rarity for European hotels!  Luxuriously equipped with a queen size bed, a pull-out sofa, coffee table, comfy chairs and a large wall mounted flat screen TV, my room was the Queen’s Bee, the epitome of both hearth and comfort.  The en-suite water closet or washroom was equally as grand, generously stocked with plush towels and soaps, a gigantic tub and shower with plenty of steaming hot water to rub a dub scrub my way to squeaky-clean goodness.  Wood-beamed ceilings added just an extra touch of charm, as did the picturesque view over-looking the garden.

My fabulous suite - so roomy and spacious!

Breakfast was not included in the price but was well worth the additional 12 Euros spent, filling our bellies and heartily sustaining us well into the late afternoon.  A smorgasbord of hot and cold dishes included eggs, sausage, cold cuts and cheese as well as a variety of bread and fruit.  The dining area itself was both cosy and quaint, with plush high-backed chairs set around four or five mahogany tables, with floor to ceiling picture windows streaming in the light.

The ever so cosy breakfast nook

Eat to your heart's content!  

The breakfast options are endless and delicious1

One of the highlights of my day was to linger over my café au lait, daydream and idle the morning away in contemplative musing of journeys yet unknown and paths still left to meander.  Gazing out the windowpane, transfixed by the frenzied dance of golden hued leaves twirling and swirling to the gust of whistling autumn wind, a torrent of ideas and inspiration surged from somewhere deep within, plotting the perfect venue in which to scribble and create.

More than content to put pen to paper and write the day away, I was reluctant to break the momentum of cascading words and verbs and had to be physically pried from my perch by my ever so impatient travel buddy who was itching to get up and go and get on with the day. 

Like, really?  Sightseeing when it’s raining cats and dogs and a possible flood warning is looming on the horizon?   Can’t I just stay here and write?

Flash forward.  Rain pelting down upon the cobblestones below and Travel Bud storming off without his umbrella.  Again.

What more can I say?  

Hotel Orion has been voted the Travellers’ Choice 2016 Winner of best hotels in Ghent.

I will return. 

After all, I’ve got a couple - or was that a hundred? - more pages to quill.

Proprietor Gerald welcoming guests to Hotel Orion

Come stay awhile in Gerald’s fabulously quaint hotel, where you are not just a visitor but are treated as an honoured guest.  A true gem of a find, Hotel Orion exceeded all expectations and is on my Pink Sneaker Top 10 list of best places to stay.  Budget friendly yet won’t break the bank, this Art Deco Villa is your home away from home if ever in Ghent.  Take my word or even consult Trip Advisor and others, if you must.  The reviews are nothing short of fabulous and so will be your stay.

Hotel Orion – Krijgslaan 181

Next blog – In three weeks!  Wednesday, May 4th!! 

Stay tuned for more escapades of cuckoo ol’ Auntie Nora and Travel Bud as we board the train to Brussels, going in the opposite direction of desired destination.  The saga continues.

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