On the road again to somewhere or on the path to nowhere

On the road again.  Bags packed, passport updated, ticket purchased and hotel reserved.  Two out of four and I’m half way there, even if I haven’t a smidgen of a hint as to where I’m jetting off to, let alone whether I’m actually leaving the country.  For you see, even as I type the first paragraph of this week’s blog post, I still haven’t an inkling of a clue as to exactly where my fuchsia painted tootsies will be scampering, all I know is that a glorious one week chunk of time will be devoted to traipsing around some part of the globe.

Usually one to book my holiday at least six months in advance, I instead chose to deviate from the well-trodden path and foray into territories unknown and experience for myself the mystique of – gasp!! – Heavens forbid!! – those wildly popular “last minute” getaways.  Yikes!!  What have I gotten myself into?  The “What if” factor too terrifying to contemplate, I’ve always lacked the courage to throw caution to the wind and just go with it and blindly trust that the planets will be successful in procuring that one of a kind cheaply affordable Miss Pink Sneaker approved tailor made holiday to - ????  Where??  On the road to somewhere or perhaps instead on the path to nowhere.  Like, what are the chances??

What if there are no suitable last minute deals available and my long-anticipated vacation is spent languishing in front of the telly, drowning my sorrows sipping endless cups of tea?  Tea??  Like, seriously??  Who are we kidding here??  Oops – meant to say guzzling those soothing liquid libations of the tranquilizing vino tinto kind.

What ifhorror of horrors – there are no direct flights to my preferred destination and my pink-sneaker clad feet have to hoof it through five different time zones via all forms of travel known to mankind, with the help of a few farm animals along the way?  A cornucopia of planes, trains, automobiles, buses, rickshaws, donkeys, camels, rubber dinghys and roller-blades, just to name a few.  And then there is the added problem of cumbersome luggage, which throws quite the wrench into the process of schlepping.

What exactly do the terms “exclusive – tourist free – outdoorsy – rustic – quaint – sleeping under the starry eyed heavens – uninhabited – conversing with nature”  - really truly mean?  Are those just embellished words for setting up camp in a remote section of the woods, hundreds of miles away from the nearest log cabin, a locale so uncharted that it’s neither to be found by GPS nor tracked by Google maps?   And, to make matters even worse - I’m afraid of the dark.  And let’s not even mention the bears.

Woe then, would be I, as neither quaint artsy boutiques nor vino bars would beckon enticingly on the horizon, quite the sorry state of affairs for both the local economy and my satchel obsessive compulsive acquisition issues.

And, if those highly descriptive adjectives are any indication of a hint of exaggeration, then double woe is me, as it looks like I’m not the only one whose fondness for adjectives runs deep and I’ll have no choice but to resort to having to decipher and read between the lines for clues as to exactly what sort of vacation package is on the offer.

So, the adventure continues and I can guarantee that it will not be a disappointing read, as no matter where my footprints take me, an exhilarating sojourn awaits for the foot loose and fancy free Miss Pink Sneakers.  So, stay tuned for more escapades of the cuckoo ol’ Auntie Nora kind, as I traipse around the world, enriching my soul with both memories and memoires, frantically scribbling them down in journals along the way.

Pink Sneakers on the Go will be taking a mini break for the next couple of weeks and will be languishing in the sunshine, with a vino in one hand, pen and paper in the other, plotting and planning the next around the world excursion.

Returning to regular weekly Wednesday blogging on July 16th.

Stay tuned for more adventures of the cuckoo ol’ Auntie Nora kind!!  And, pray tell, where oh where is the Kid??

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