Miss Kid's market mis-adventures of the Greek Island hopping kind

Strolling along the denizens of tiny, crammed stalls that were literally overflowing with a cornucopia of knickknacks, trinkets of all shapes and sizes jostling for one’s hard-earned Euro, Miss Niece couldn’t help but excitedly exclaim how her shopaholic ol’ Auntie would have been mesmerized by the sight of these shiny silver baubles.  Furiously digging in her crammed backpack, the Kid pulled out a mile long list of items that her Auntie had kindly requested (more like desperately begged) her to transport home, “but only if something beckoned, was a reasonable price and not overly awkward or burdensome to have to schlep around the isles”.   Yeah, right.  Good luck with that one.

Okay then, that most definitely didn’t rule anything out, as small leather goods were easily transportable, intricately woven bracelets could be stacked high on the arm and miniature marble imitation replica key-chains of the Acropolis could easily line the bottom of her sac, virtually weightless and buried deep amongst the layers of assorted curios.  Life-size statues of bronzed Greek Gods, on the other hand, could not only be a tad bit cumbersome (you think?) to lug on the beach, a sure-fire guarantee to pique both the intrigue and fascination of curious passers-by.  Their inquisitive stares and glares would surely elicit a plethora of questions of the not so pleasant kind, ones that Miss Kid would rather not have to willingly answer.  And, pray tell, just what type of pathetically embellished excuse would the customs agents be willing to accept?  Statue, what statue?  Just to appease her cuckoo Auntie’s eccentric hoarding and satchel acquisition issues?

Scavenging for foreign crafted treasures would therefore have to take a back seat to more pressing tasks, such as - scampering on the beachfront and meandering along winding pathways picturesquely nestled between the quaintest of white-washed houses enveloped by an explosion of cascading violet and fuchsia hued blooms, all set against an aquamarine sky.  After all, there were monuments to be photographed, memories and experiences to be forged and footprints to be re-traced.  So what if she had conveniently forgotten (and the key word her is purposefully neglected) to scour the shops and markets in quest of low-budget souvenirs?  Her batty-old Auntie’s Greek-inspired wish list would have to be temporarily put on hold, as foraging for trinkets was most definitely not on Miss Niece’s immediate radar.

And so it was with just a slight tinge of desperation that Miss Kid found herself, on the eve of her last night in Crete, torn between just chillin’ with her friends on the beach or heading to market, as if she were her delusional ol’ Auntie’s personal shopper!  Deliciously soaking up the last vestiges of the late afternoon’s golden rays – until the pinkish hue of twilight magically transformed the heavens into a twinkling blanket of brilliance, Le Niece imagined herself on the cover of a glossy fashion mag, languishing the afternoon away, as only super models could.

Throwing caution to the wind, her windswept locks sashaying every which way, Miss Niece raced along the rocky shoreline to catch up with her pals and party with the best of them, when an unexpected tumble sent her ever so ungracefully plummeting to earth.  Spitting out a mélange of sand and itsy bitsy stones, the Kid was none too pleased – hot pink-manicured tootsies stubbed and bleeding, her meticulously poised and perfected Goddess image irrevocably shattered. 

Tears streaming down her face, cursing those “stupid rocks” for tripping her up, the Kid lamented her luckless fate….those stupid, stupid, inconveniently placed useless rocks….and then it hit her, as if Zeus himself had magically struck her with a bolt of lightening – a flash of brilliance – Eureka!! – Shopping dilemma averted!! – A handful of Grecian pebbles and stones would make quite the unique and meticulously selected souvenir for her wacky ol' Auntie Nora’s coffee table!!

As for those bronze marble life-size statues, well, there's always Athens!!

One of a kind treasures from the Greek Isles

My fabulous charm bracelet from Le fabulous Miss Niece

Pink Sneakers Tidbits of Fascinating Facts and Interesting Info:

Did you know that the most popular drink in Greece is coffee?  Who knew?

Did you know that tossing an apple to a girl was an ancient marriage proposal tradition?  Careful who you hand that apple to!!

Did you know that the number of Greek islands varies anywhere between 1,600 and 6,000, with roughly 250 of them populated.  Yikes!!  That’s at least an entire year’s worth of ferry / island hopping!

Did you know that Greece has the highest number of International airports?  Pink Sneakers on the Go suspects that it’s got something to do with the number of undetermined islands.

Did you know why the majority of the doors and windowsills are painted a vivid aquamarine turquoise blue shade?  In order to keep the evil spirits away, of course.

Did you know that the number of tourists that visit Greece each year is significantly higher than the country’s entire population?  That’s about 16 million visitors traipsing around on any given day.  Let’s hope you’re not claustrophobic!!

Did you know that not only do tourists flock to Greece but so do the birds!  Almost 100,000 birds from Asia and Europe migrate to this neck of the woods, choosing to spend their winters in this sunny and hospitable climate.

Come tag along with the Kid on her fabulous adventures in Greece and Italy, finally free from the constricting clutches of her eccentric shopaholic vino-indulging designer satchel obsessed ol' Auntie…or so she thinks….

Next week - where to next?  On route to Athens!!  Stay tuned for more of Miss Kid’s Miss-adventures!!

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