Les chic French pink sneakerz

           You must be wondering about those pink sneakers...where did they come from and why am I wearing them? It all started last year when I travelled to Paris in April. The weather in my neck of the woods was cold, rainy, bleak, windy and just unpleasantly unbearable. Being of hardy Canadian stock, I had packed all of the essentials....warm beret, fuzzy scarves, lots of socks, waterproof boots, raincoat, umbrella and parka. One needs to be prepared for the elements, as you never know when a freak storm will hit. It's better to be cozy and warm than rain-soaked and miserable.

           With Paris being the fashion capital of the world, I had already envisioned myself as blending right in as a tres uber cool up and coming fashionista! Wearing my chic wellingtons, enveloped in my oh-so stylish cashmere turtleneck, I was all decked out, my armour ready to be greeted by howling winds and cascading rain. Presuming the weather to be much the same as when I left my damp, dark and drizzly Canadian city on the overnight flight, I was momentarily startled when I stepped off the airplane. Fully expecting to feel a blast of cool air on my skin, all that I felt was an uncomfortable heat! Dazed, sleep-deprived and slightly hung-over from having indulged in too much vino, I fleetingly thought that perhaps I had mistakenly boarded a Caribbean-bound flight instead!

           When the sweat started to pour off my skin and the snuggly wool sweater became a burden to wear, I realized that I had a serious problem. Paris was experiencing an unusual heat wave and I had packed all of my winter clothes!! I didn’t have any shorts, tank tops, sandals, bikini or sunscreen...basically no warm weather clothes at all!  Where had I gone wrong? I kicked myself for not having taken that course back in college called “Packing101 - All you need to know when travelling anywhere anytime”.

           What to do? It was essential to cast off my socks and boots and liberate my toes from the all-engulfing heat. The thought of my footsies having to spend the next 10 days imprisoned in those boots was gross, unpleasant and unsanitary, to say the least. Hence, the search had begun....

           As much as I am a bit of a shopaholic (Well...it’s not that bad...it’s only small leather goods, shoes and handbags that I’m kind of addicted to), I could not allow myself to acquire any new summer sandals and forbid myself from adding to my already extensive footwear collection.  I was adamant that I would be extremely prudent with my purchases and wasn’t going to be lured by the beckoning call of the immensely seductive Diors and Louboutins!

           Having sensibly decided not to cave into their tempting pleas ( please purchase me now!!), I set my sights on obtaining some cheap, trendy and comfy footwear.

           Let me set you straight...shopping is not a hardship for me and spending time foraging for new items of any kind is absolute nirvana. So, it is quite by accident that I just happened to stumble upon les chic pink French sneakers in a cheapo discount store, which was conveniently located just across the street from my rental apartment! I was actually on a “vino tinto run”, scooting across the pavement to pick up a bottle of French red wine, when I spotted the sneakers in a window display. Wow!! Pink! Cool colour! And look, they’ve been discounted to 12 Euros!! Sold!

           Voila!! Pink sneakers on the go are born!  They are super comfy and I end up wearing them the entire time that I am in Paris. I unwittingly become somewhat of a fashion statement. All of the of the 12 to 15 year old kids were giving me the evil eye because I was wearing these awesome pink keds and so were they!! I fit right it...a 40 to 50ish or so stylish woman in tune with the current trends!!
           I knew that I needed to travel to Paris in order to embrace the next fashion trend.....come follow me with my chic Parisienne sneakers and come travel with me.....

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