A kaleidoscope of crimson, merlot and orange en route to Quebec City

Racking my brain for what seemed like the zillionth time, I was stumped, at a loss for Inspiration as well as for words.  The deadline for this week’s blog post was fast approaching and I found myself – yes, once again! – staring at a blank and empty page.  I frankly shouldn’t have been caught off guard, for it’s not like I didn’t have the heads up or an inkling of a clue that scribbling was going to be quite the chore this time round, as Creativity and Imagination had gone missing.  Yup, the wayward trio were still on the lam, living it up and jet-setting around the world, while I sat glumly at home struggling to string a few measly sentences together.

And it’s not like I hadn’t already laced up my sneakers and gone on the hunt for my sidekicks in rhyme, for I had a smidgen of an idea as where to kick-start my search, for the few clues they had inadvertently left behind gave me a glimmer of hope as to where they could possibly be hiding on out.  A dog-eared book on French Canadian cuisine, a colour coded map of scenic routes along the Chemin du Roy and a glossy pic of the Chateau Frontenac lay strewn about, all telltale clues pointing me in the direction of Quebec City.

Persuading Travel Bud Oz to tag along was a piece of cake and so lickety-split we threw our gear into the jalopy and off we trundled.   Might as well look at the bright side, treat our quest as a mini holiday and explore our own backyard.  In retrospect, it was the ideal time of year to embark on a road trip, for the foliage had just started to turn and Mr. Photographer Extra-ordinaire was eager to capture the magnificent splendour of our Canadian wilderness.

The kaleidoscope of crimson and burnt orange hues did not disappoint, a picture perfect postcard of autumn in all her glory.  Set against a backdrop of sapphire skies, merlot tinted leaves danced and twirled, swirling in one last hurrah before the onset of November gales ushered in inclement weather.  Beams of luminescent light peeked through the tree lined roads while golden rays bounced playfully on our windshield, guiding us along paths yet undiscovered.  And, undiscovered they were, but more on that later…

And so on we drove, on the road to somewhere or possibly to nowhere, clocking up countless kilometres on a mid October venture like none other…

After all, what could go wrong?

Well, for starters, in our haste to jump-start the trip, we had inadvertently neglected to pack our guidebooks and trusty ol’ map….

After all, it wouldn’t be much of a pink sneaker adventure without encountering a bump or two in the road – with a few roadblocks thrown in for good measure.

Next stop:  Gananoque and the 1000 Islands.

Stay tuned for the continuation of the adventures of Miss Pink Sneakers and Travel Bud Oz in Quebec City, with a couple of stops along the way – Gananoque, Kingston and Trois-Rivieres, just to name a few.

Next post:  In four weeks!!  Catch up on Wednesday, February 22nd.

Just wanted to wish my dear readers a very Happy New Year!  Thank you so much for keeping up with my blog posts and for following me on Twitter!  Can you believe it’s been almost 5 years??  I’m now also on Instagram but have absolutely no idea on how to add the link to my blog.  Yikes!!  Cuckoo ol’ Auntie Nora just might have to take a course or two on all of this technical mumbo jumbo…

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