On the path to inspiration or on the road to somewhere but who exactly knows where?

It should be easy, right?  Or, was that Write?  Or should I have instead turned left?  On the road to nowhere and most definitely not to anywhere anytime soon… at least not today and perhaps not even tomorrow…

Stranded.  Yet again!  Do I sense a pattern here? 

How does this happen?  Well, perhaps Travel Bud and I should have consulted the timetable of when the last tour bus departed.  But, nah, why bother with such trivialities, when one can instead spend the remainder of the day patiently (Hah!!) waiting for a bus.

After all, each journey is a brand spanking new adventure, with twists and turns and a whole lot of roadblocks and hurdles – that is – if you have the fortune (or was that misfortune?) of pounding the pavement with Pink Sneakers on the Go!  

And this is where Write comes in.  Scribbling madly in my journal, of roads not taken and paths still yet to discover, I am in my glory, as each misstep and stumble are just extra fodder for my blog. 

Which adventure to document first? The list is endless...

Not my bus!  Still waiting!

On the road to somewhere towards destinations off the map!

There's a map??  To where??

Wait!  Wait for me!!

Inadvertently hopped on the wrong train?  Yippee!!  An unexpected journey far off the beaten path sure makes for some entertaining travel tales!  And oftentimes, definitely worthy of three, if not more, blog posts!

Accidentally disembarked two stops ahead of designated destination?  Double whammy!  An entire series devoted to schlepping cumbersome luggage for weeks on end in abandoned train station.  Somewhere.  But, where?  If only I had a map!

No map?  No guidebook?  No itinerary?  No clue?  No problem!
Just another day in the globetrotting life of cuckoo ol’ Auntie Nora.

Oops!  Forgot to reserve accommodation!  Oh, well.  Just jostle with the pigeons for prime real estate on park benches and you’ve not only scored some cheap and cheerful digs but also a whole lot of insight on how to travel on a budget.  Or, better yet, for free!

Travelling off-season?  Don’t forget to forget your brollie, rain boots, parka and warm clothing.  After all, some of my most memorable moments involve puddle jumping and marathon sprinting in torrential downpours.

Slip sliding in the rain!!

Brollie required to join the party!

I'll take all three!  Gotta be prepared!!

Puddle jumping across a runway in Gibraltar.

You get the picture.  Or not.  Click! 

Needless to say, I'm pleased as punch.  Travel Bud.  Not so much.

Come trip and stumble your way across the globe and add that extra level of adventure as you sojourn without a map, let alone without a clue as to how to get from Point A to Point B.  Just a glimpse into a typical day on the road with the Clueless Duo…

Next blog – In three weeks!!  What next??  Stay tuned!!  Wednesday, October 5th!!

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