A tale of two agendas in Amsterdam

Check.  Check.  Or not.

Checking off my checklist of things to see and do in Amsterdam.  Pity then, that it was my last day in the Netherlands and I had a mere eight hours in which to meander, explore and soak up the sights of this canal lined city and I hadn’t a clue as where to tread first.  Possessing neither an agenda nor intricately detailed plan as to which direction to take, I inadvertently fell back on the tried and true – indulging in satiating my out of control acquisitive habits as well as snagging the bargain of the day.  Oh, and let’s not forget, imbibing in that celebratory vino or two – or was that three? – Focused not on gazing out the vitrine at the cobblestone rues in the quaintest of Dutch bistros, but fixated instead on admiring my recently acquired satchels, all neatly lined up in a kaleidoscope of hues.

Love that handbag! 

Could it get any better than that?

Some would say that I squandered the day away in a frenzied sprint around town, darting from shop to shop on the hunt for that one of a kind bauble and trinket, but well, what else is a shopaholic to do when plans go array?

Plans.  What plans?  Like, an itinerary and an outline and a colour-coded map?

Lots of pens to check, check, check and then check some more!

Like, seriously?

Who does that? 

Well, apparently, every other worldwide wanderer but me!  A pink-sneakered globetrotter of some 30 plus years, who clearly fails at grasping the basics of “Travel 101”.  You would think that by now I’d have figured it all out, my PhD in Traipsing around the World at least beneficial at imparting a smidgen of wisdom to those in need. 

Nope.  Nada.  No help to me.

Yikes!  Think I'm checking off a different city!  No wonder I'm lost!

Cuckoo ol’ Auntie Nora’s Checklist:

There’s a checklist?  What’s a checklist?  A checklist of what?
Ok.  If you insist.
First on the list, of course, would be:  SHOP!!  Till you Drop or run out of Euros, whichever comes first.
Oh, and how many Louboutins can I fit in my suitcase?  On that note, might as well purchase a steamer truck.  Better yet, make that three.  Need extra space to haul all those Birkins home. (Sigh. I wish.)
All tuckered out.  Parched.  Gotta take a well-deserved break and indulge in a vino or two.  But heck, who’s counting?

Choices, choices, choices.  

I'll take them all!  Are there more colours? 

Will they all fit in the overhead bin of the airplane?

Checklist of what I never had a chance to see in Amsterdam:

Dining with the Tsars:  Fragile Beauty from the Hermitage – Happened to randomly notice a poster advertising this anniversary exhibition only at the end of the day.  Drats!  It was just after 5:00pm and the museum would be locked down and shut by the time I would have high-tailed it there.  So much for having the opportunity to experience this once in a lifetime exhibit, for I was jetting out of town in the wee hours of the morn.  Guess I’ll just have to venture to Le Hermitage in St. Petersburg, where the permanent collection is housed.  Hmmm.  There’s a thought!

The exhibit I never got to see. 

Anne Frank House – A must-see when visiting Amsterdam!  The line-ups are long so make sure to purchase your ticket online to avoid the crowds.  I first visited some twenty or so years ago and a return visit is definitely on my list!

Van Gogh Museum – Well, in my own defense, I actually did place a pink-sneakered tootsie inside, but that was more than a decade ago and who can really remember that far back?  Check!!

Museum of Bags and Purses – You’re kidding??  There’s an entire museum devoted to handbags?  How could I possibly have missed an excursion to this mecca of satchels galore?  Still crying in my soup.

And there you have it.  A tale of two agendas and how I spent my day in Amsterdam.

Come hang out in the Venice of the North and pose for selfies by the picturesque canals – 165 to be exact, the Canal District is a UNESCO World Heritage designated site!  Make a list and have a plan and discover all that Amsterdam has to offer!  Or, if you’re like me, just park yourself in a charming café and scribble the afternoon away.

Next blog - In three weeks!  Wednesday September 7th!  Stay tuned!!

Yikes!  Due to unexpected circumstances, I will not be able to get this week's blog post out today.   Stay tuned for the continuation of the escapades of cuckoo ol' Auntie Nora and Sidekick Oz, to be posted next week, Wednesday, Sept 14th!!

Well, at least I've got lots to scribble about!!

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