Bedazzled by eggs extraordinaire - The Fabergé ones, of course!!

Traipsing along the cobble-stone rues on the look-out for a patio with a view, my pink-sneaker clad feet were on a mission to explore, discover and document the ordinary as well as the extra-ordinary, when, lo and behold, I happened to stumble upon an exhibition quite beyond extraordinaire!!  Luckily for me, I was fortunate enough to be in town at the most opportune of times, as le Museé des Beaux Arts de Montréal was playing host to a dazzling collection of bejewelled eggs.  Yes, eggs.  The Fabergé ones, of course.  Did you, perchance, think otherwise?

Showcasing over 240 treasured objects and silverware that once belonged to the Tsars of imperial Russia, including 4 of the remaining 43 Fabergé eggs, the exhibit offers us a rare glimpse into the world of grandiosity and opulence.  “Fabulous Fabergé:  Jeweller to the Czars” runs from June 14th until October 5th, 2014 and is an absolute “must see” when visiting Montréal.  This exclusive Canadian exposition is the first of its kind, with all of the pieces on temporary loan from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and is the largest collection of Fabergé artefacts outside of Russia. 

Not only is the exhibit a stunning and visually arresting representation of the privileged lives of the Romanovs, it is also a sombre walk through the annals of history, documenting the tragic end of an era with the ushering in of a revolution that brutally transformed the face of an empire.  On display are gilded picture frames, ornamental vases and ostentatious fragments of wealth, objects that symbolized power and over the top decadence, a peek into the luxurious lifestyle of a select aristocratic few.

The artistic genius behind the scenes was none other than Carl Fabergé, jeweller not only to the Tsars, but also to the moneyed upper echelons of European society.  It was upon the commission of a gold jewel encrusted Easter egg from Tsar Alexander 111 in 1885 to his wife, Tsarina Maria Feodorovna, that propelled the House of Fabergé into an exclusive stratosphere, that of proprietors of sumptuous luxury and extravagance to the blue-blooded elite. 

Bestowed with countless orders and commissions, such as “Supplier by Special Appointment to the Imperial Court”, as well as garnering a Gold Medal at the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1900, the House of Fabergé had firmly established its position as one of the most prestigious creators of priceless objets d’art, its name synonymous with master craftsmanship of the finest kind. 

And, just how much were those eggs??

Come tag along with me as I ooh and aaahh at jewels and silverware extraordinaire – treasured objects of the last Tsars of imperial Russia, remnants and reminders of an era that was both grandiose yet tragic.

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