Where art and the riverbank converge at Les Berges de Seine

Now that I had successfully outrun the horses, what else could I check off my Parisian “not to be missed” pink sneaker adventure list?  After all, the most memorable of vacations are those that don’t go quite according to plan or that veer off the rails, as if seeking adventures of their own, quite oblivious to the meticulously laid plans that were supposed to go off without a glitch of a hitch. 


And that is how I inadvertently stumbled upon a cornucopia of not quite death defying, as that would be an exaggeration of the monumental degree kind, but nonetheless intriguing, activities of the not so quite far-fetched kind.  Meandering along the banks of the Seine on a leisurely summer afternoon led me to discover a playful side of the City of Lights, an easy breezy summertime easy joie de vivre encapsulated within the outdoor playground of Les Berges de Seine.  Officially inaugurated to the public in June 2013, Les Berges offers a little bit of something for everyone, whether young or old.  Youngsters can delight in scampering about the teepees and climbing walls, merrily hop-scotching their way along the waterfront whilst their parents luxuriate in contended bliss and languish the afternoon away in one of the numerous bistros and cafés overlooking the Seine.

Not one to brave the sheer impossibility of delicately balancing on a tight-rope, my pink sneaker clad tootsies recoiling at the improbability of such a feat, I could only gawk in disbelief and delight at the fortitude and resilience of the limber gymnasts as they performed their cirque du soleil like mesmerizing jumps and leaps.  Not one to push my luck as well as the limits of middle-aged flexibility, as the likelihood of breaking a few bones would definitely hamper my ability to scamper around the cobble-stoned rues and avenues and increase my chances of having to spend a fair length of time in le French hospital being tended to by les suave and charmingly handsome medics (a la Grey’s Anatomy kind), would be a fate…. Hold on a minute here, on second thought, where is that trampoline?

An urban landscape project that has successfully intertwined 2.3 kilometers of riverbank with pedestrian friendly promenades, les Berges de Seine offers a multitude of activities that range from anything to everything.  Out-door fitness buffs can skate, blade or cycle while the arts and crafts inclined are able to hone their skills in any of the denizens of on the spot workshops offered throughout the year.  Stretching from le Museé d’Orsay to Pont de l’Alma, les Berges combines the best of street art, outdoor festivals and open-air green spaces, where both performers and spectators converge in appreciation of the joie de vivre that is the City of Lights.

Come promenade, roller-blade or cartwheel your way along the riverbanks of the Seine as you discover yet another element of surprise in the ever-changing Parisian landscape.  Come stroll along les Berges de Seine….

Next week – what next????? Stay tuned for more pink-sneaker adventures!!

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