What's a travel writer to scribble about when not traipsing the globe? - A pink sneaker dilemma

There comes a time in every travel writer’s life when a scheduled trip is not looming anywhere on the horizon, the digital archives from previous excursions have all been tapped out and inspiration has flown the coup, choosing instead to take up residence in far more interesting and fascinating glossy picture books of the National Geographic kind.  And so dear reader, all that is left for this week’s blog post is a huge blank page staring me in the face and a dumb-founded keyboard perplexed by the frozen stance of my once dancing fingers no longer excitedly clacking away, anxious to weave the storyline’s next adventure.

I therefore have to post the question that has been plaguing me ever since I started this blog a year and a half ago.  Ever wonder what a travel writer scribbles about when there is nothing to share, report or recount?  Surely one cannot be on the road or be jetting off in search of adventure 24/7?  What about having to eek out that living in a 9 to 5 workday, furiously scrimping and saving each hard-earned cent for the luxury of a couple of weeks annual vacation?  Surely not everyone is hopping on planes, trains or automobiles in pursuit of the next great excursion?  Airport lounges and over-booked hotel rooms would indeed be cramped beyond belief, as surely not every single travel blogger or writer is hoofing it along cobblestoned pathways or motorways, en route to yet to be discovered lands?  Or, are they?  And I inadvertently got left behind?

Globe-trotting around the globe - vino and camera in hand!

Or better yet, perhaps I’m just one of the denizens of curious globe trotters who are biding their time at home, languishing with a glass of vino in one hand and picturesque travel magazine in the other, daydreaming, plotting and planning the next far-away expedition?  Yes then, that must be it.  I’m just one of the multitudes of would-be journeyers who are frantically scouring the web for that bargain of a lifetime – whether determined to score that steal of a deal for first class seating on a jumbo jet, my penny pinching ways stretched to limits of near improbability, praying for that last-minute invitation from the Sheik or the Queen to bunk and hunker down at one of their grandiose residences.  Yes then, that must be it.  The invite surely has been posted, and is now snaking it’s way via camel across the barren desert, en route by plane, train and automobile to my humble abode.  Could be a longer than usual anticipated wait.

sand dunes in Dubai - photo courtesy of Maradzidra

The regal camels of Dubai - photo courtesy of Maradzidra

La dolce vita - vino and picturesque travel books beckon and invite 

Foreign lands beckon and invite, welcoming visitors from far and wide, inquisitive guests eager to immerse themselves in unfamiliar cultures that oftentimes appear to be so dramatically different from our own, yet are remarkably similar at the same time.  And that, dear reader, is the primary reason as to why I relish the opportunity of traipsing across the planet, discovering that no matter how many miles I wander away from home, I am home no matter where on the globe my pink-sneakered footsteps happen to find themselves.

Jetting around the globe - photo courtesy of Maradzidra

Come traipse along with me as I wander the globe in search of both the familiar as well as the unfamiliar, discovering far-away places in my never-ending quest for precious memories forever encapsulated in time.    

Next week – where to next?? Stay tuned for more pink-sneaker adventures!!

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