Pink Sneakers on the Go pizza, paella and vino culinary tour

Searching the digital archives for snapshots of memories to add to this week’s blog post, it dawned on me that not only do I delight in scampering about the globe, discovering foreign lands and cultures, I am just as curious about sampling the cuisine of these far-flung places.  Whether savouring a fresh out of the oven butter infused croissant whilst meandering along the banks of the Seine at the wee hours of the morn or being waited upon in Barcelona by waiters of the charmingly suave kind, a wanderer requires sustenance of either the meat, carbohydrate or sugar sweetened kind.  It goes without saying that all of it, of course, must be washed down with vino from any one of the white or red tetra pack or bottled grape producing regions of anywhere, my tastes neither picky nor discriminating when indulging in seductively soothing libations for the mind kind.

Got this Spanish Red on SALE  in London- yet another reason to indulge!

And so, this week’s blog post is dedicated to the appreciation of both foodstuffs, markets, wines and intoxicatingly satisfying nourishment that feeds both one’s soul and lines one’s tummy.  Whether your tastes range from either the quick grab fast food, take out, grub, canteen or five star carte du jour menu sort, come graze along with me as we feast on culinary delicacies of the not so discriminating kind…

When in Barcelona, you must eat paella and paella and more paella.

Indulging in black squid paella in Madrid -It's actually quite yummy!!

When in Paris, you must indulge in les croissants et les petits gateaux. 

When in Bruges, you must sample some of the local brew.

When in London, fish and chips or sky-high hamburgers are the way to go.

When in Italia, why not take a bite out of the local pizza, which is a masterpiece creation all it’s own.  Come celebrate where food is art.  And, must I add, delicious!

Pizza as a work of art - A feast for both the eyes and the tummy!

When in Versailles, stop by the local market and pick up an apple or two for the Queen.

When stuffed to the gills, Pink Sneakers on the Go highly recommends either walking, trudging or galloping back to your hotel.  That, and schlepping burdensome over-stuffed luggage for miles on end works wonders for whittling that waistline and burning off those oh so delicious and decadent calorie laden gastronomic delights.

Come stuff your face as you gallivant around Europe, sampling local delicacies, chocolates, moule et frites, coq au vin – and, on that note, santé!!

Next week – what next?  Stay tuned for more Pink Sneaker adventures!!

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