Planes, trains or ferries - what next? A rubber dinghy?

Planes, trains and automobiles are all forms of transport that get you from point A to Z, oftentimes involving turbulent skies, subterranean tunnels and screeching brakes, so I was eagerly looking forward to crossing the Channel - no, not by swimming  - but by ferry.  My transit choices for journeying from Britain to France were limited - either crossing in a claustrophobic metal tube jetting through the blue skies, snaking underground in yet another form of enclosed tin can entrapment  or choosing instead to feel the wind on my cheeks, splish splashing along on a rubber dinghy.

Carrying my extra large circular life-preserver, inflatable boat and water wings, I was quite the sight indeed, as I made my way towards the ferry docks, eager to jump on board and sail away to the next leg of my journey.  Hey, I’m kidding now, as it wasn’t quite like that, but you get my drift, if you know what I mean?

The Kid and I were scheduled to take the ferry from Dover to Calais, roughly a 90 minute journey on P & O Ferries.  Sailing from the Eastern Docks in the white-cliffed town of Dover, the ferry accommodates both vehicles and foot passengers.  The price was reasonable enough, costing £59 for the two of us, with an extra £24 to upgrade to Club Lounge. The ferry terminal was located 1.5 miles from the railway station and is accessible via the shuttle bus service at an economical £2 per person.  Weighed down with enough baggage to outfit a small army and then some, we hopped on, grateful for the short 5 minute ride, thus spared the burden of schlepping over-stuffed luggage on a cumbersome trudge to the terminal.

A liberating release from the forced confinement of claustrophobic planes and trains, the ferry ride exceeded all expectations and was “the highlight of her trip” as Le Kid enthusiastically blabbered.  My impromptu decision to upgrade to luxurious Club Lounge was a brilliant move on my part, if I must say so myself – one that was perhaps somewhat inspired by the one too many Cabernet Sauvignons I had been intoxicatingly indulging in the previous evening whilst searching the P & O Ferry website, having foolishly waited until the very last minute to book our passage.  Who says that “don’t shop and Merlot” is not the wisest of ideas?

A complimentary glass of champagne was included in the cost of our first-class journey and as luck would have it, the Kid was not yet old enough to imbibe, forcing (seriously?) me to down (oops…meant to say elegantly sip) two flutes of bubbly, hers and mine.  Hic.

Ordering several more of the bubbling concoctions, staring at the mesmerizing views of the chalk white cliffs, and perched high above the water in what felt like my very own spacious quarters, I wondered whether this was how royalty traversed the seas.  Letting our imaginations soar and sail away on our magical ferry ride to Calais, the short one hour and a half sojourn came to an end far too soon, as both the Kid and I would have been content to spend the remainder of our lives aboard said ferry.

Come enjoy some bubbly and cliff-hanging National Geographic moments as you float along the deep blue seas….come sail away to adventures beyond…

Next week….where do my pink-sneakered footprints take us?  Stay tuned!!

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