Introducing Miss Pink Sneakers and her impromtu dragon-boating adventure in Chicago

Like, seriously, devoting an entire blog post to a pink-sneaker caricature of you in the form of a well-travelled rag doll? Have you completely lost your marbles? Do you seriously think anyone cares to read about a pink-sneakered hand-sewn pillow case representation of your likeness? 

Well, in my own defense, I must say that it’s primarily all about my travel adventures around the globe and the hilarious and entertaining situations that I often find myself in.  My objective is simple and that is to share a bit of advice and helpful tidbits of information with other worldwide wanderers who perhaps also might find themselves in similar situations. And, for the times that I’m unable to get away due to prior commitments, well, that is where Miss Pink Sneakers comes into play. She gets to accompany friends on their adventures, and experience the exhilaration of sky-diving from planes, dragon-boat racing in Chicago and climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower, thoroughly enjoying life (that is, as much as a rag doll is able to) and discovering the world from an entirely different perspective. Then, when my pink-sneakered side-kick returns home safe and sound, her travel escapades digitally documented by my shutter-bug obsessed friends, it falls to me to paint a vivid picture of her journey, bringing it to life with nouns, verbs and adverbs, liberally interspersed with a hefty dose of my beloved adjectives.

Merely two weeks after returning from her first ever globe-trotting adventure in Europe, Miss Pink Sneakers had the opportunity to partake in a dragon boat race which was scheduled to take place in the windy city.  I reluctantly permitted my co-worker, KT, to take The Girl to Chicago, all the while fearing that my rag doll would end up getting lost, or would tumble out of my friend’s luggage, forlornly abandoned somewhere on the plane, or worse, accidentally fall overboard and drown. Yikes!!  After all, Miss Pink Sneakers, being a stuffed pillowcase mini version of me, can’t swim!! My only remaining hope would be that she would end up floating along the river to safety, plucked from the turbulent waves by a curious onlooker or a gleeful child, grateful to have rescued a drowning doll.

Yes, call me odd, crazy, loony, out to lunch, daft and/or eccentric, there are far more pressing issues to be concerned with than a middle-aged woman hanging out with a fun-loving cheerful rag doll replication of her likeness.   I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve been approached by inquisitive onlookers, delighted to make the acquaintance of the pink-sneakered gal, all the while commenting on the uncanny resemblance between her and I, oftentimes unable to tell the difference between which one was the real deal. Ok – I’m somewhat kidding and exaggerating, but you get the drift.

So, stay tuned for the fabulous adventures of Miss Pink Sneakers as she explores places far and near, standing in for me when I’m unable to get away and jump on a plane at a moment’s notice – after all, someone has to stay at home and be the responsible one and pay all of the bills!!

The Gal accompanied me on my adventures throughout Europe for the latter part of June and July, an almost three week fun-filled and often-times hectic sojourn through London, Calais, Bruges and Paris – a wealth of travel tales and escapades, oftentimes hilarious, exhilarating and exasperating, a candid memoir of traipsing across the globe with a curious rag doll and a “know it all” fashionista 16 year old. Yikes!! What have I gotten myself into??

You must be curious as to why I chose to interrupt the story line and not scribble about my London adventures in this week’s blog post. There is still so much to write about London and I’ll post a lot more info about my British escapades in future blogs, but I had to appease the clamouring of my work colleague and her dragon boating buddies and share a bit of the pink-sneakered Gal’s sightseeing adventures in Chicago sooner than later – after all, they threatened to hold The Girl hostage and wouldn’t release her back to me unless I wrote a piece documenting her travels in the windy city – so, I had no choice but to cave in and share a bit of her sojourn with you.  Hey – wouldn’t you have done the same??

With Miss Pink Sneakers home safe and sound, lounging on the sofa, mesmerized by her picturesque travel books and watching reality television, I can once again concentrate on the task of writing and reminiscing about the places I’ve actually set foot upon. After all, being jealous of a rag doll’s adventures away from home is just plain wrong!!

Stay tuned for snippets of dragon boat racing in Illinois, architectural tours of the windy city, and just chilling at the Navy Pier, as the Girl’s travel adventures are recounted bit by bit in sporadic and random occasional blog posts, interspersed alongside my own real travel adventures.  After all, being a rag doll, she can’t write and it’s up to me to bring her escapades to life and share pictures and memories of her mini pink-sneakered globe-trotting footprints.

Come hang out with curious and adventure seeking rag dolls and traipse all over the globe, gleefully leaving pink-sneakered footprints along the way…come travel with us…

Next week – back to London – somewhere in Hyde Park perhaps?  Stay tuned!!

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