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Why is it that no matter how far in advance you plan for your next adventure, something inevitably gets left off the list? Even if you’ve double, triple and quadruple-checked, made certain that your passport hasn’t expired, have booked all of the planes and trains, yet the week before you’re scheduled to depart the country, you realize that your hotel reservations are valid not for July 2013, but for July 2014. Yup, you read that correctly.  Yikes!! How does this happen? Well, actually, quite easily, as a matter of fact. You know the small calendar that pops up on the hotel booking websites, where you have to choose the month and date and the “helpful” arrows (<<July>> for example) allow you to click on the desired month and day, yet somehow, inadvertently, I just happened to click on the arrows that changed the current year to the following one – consequently ensuring my pink sneakered feet accommodation for next year but unfortunately, leaving me homeless for this year’s upcoming trip. My one saving grace was that I have made it a rule to always book hotels that have a cancellation policy in place, just on the off chance that I find a better, more ideal, economical and picturesque one in the meantime.  Luckily for me, that scenario worked out just fine in the end, allowing me to cancel my 2014 reservations and re-book for this year. Phew!!  Crisis averted.

On that note, I felt it necessary to share my pink-sneaker “travel planning” tidbits of worldly wisdom with you.

Pink Sneakers on the Go Helpful Tidbits of Info on planning, packing and organizing:

Always make a list and check it twice! List everything that you will need for your upcoming adventure, from bug spray to sunscreen to extra toilet paper. Hey, you never know.

Check with the hotels to make certain whether or not they accept either cash or credit card payments. You don’t want to have to traipse to the lone bancomat machine out in the boonies of nowhere, as I had to, when staying in my suburban Roman hotel.

Make certain that your passport has not expired. Not sure about other countries, but Canada customs will not let you go anywhere if your passport is expiring within 6 months. This recently happened to a friend of mine, whose passport had expired and he was leaving in 2 weeks. It’s quite the scramble to have to worry about yet something else in the midst of planning for your next adventure. You don’t want to have to end up spending your vacation on your sofa, crying hysterically, a river of tears spraying your picturesque travel books - kicking yourself that you have now foolishly forfeited your long anticipated holiday – all because you didn’t check your passport expiry date.

Contact your banking institution and advise them that you will be out of the country so that you don’t run into issues while attempting to withdraw cash at foreign ATMs.  Your pin number should be four digits, no more, no less.

Leave all of your valuable jewellery, designer outfits and handbags at home. You don’t want to be a “showy, conspicuous” traveller, a visible target for random thieves and pickpockets.

Wear comfortable (hey, they don’t necessarily have to be ugly) shoes or sandals. You have no idea how many times I’ve cursed my shoe-wear, wishing that I’d opted for that hideous “grandma” style of sandal instead, my bleeding feet almost permanently disfigured with open sores and blisters – hence, my chic pink sneakers. With age comes wisdom.

And last, but not least, pack light – especially if you’re globe-trotting around the world, dashing from airplane to train to ferry. If you’ve ever even remotely considered “kicking your luggage to the curb”, then you’ve packed too much.

Did I cover all of the necessary points? Hopefully I didn’t forget anything and if I did, all that I can say is Yikes!!!!

Come schlep all of your worldly belongings around the globe with me…as you contemplate the complete insanity of cramming your goods into just one lone backpack.  Like, seriously??

Next week – I’ll be traipsing around the world in search of new travel adventures and will return to weekly Wednesday blogging on July 17th.  If I happen to come across Internet along the way, then will try and post some pictures and entertaining tidbits of info.

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