Memories of Paris - The Kid's travel adventures with Auntie Nora


A few seasons ago, I was fortunate enough to have my then 12 year old niece accompany me on one of my yearly excursions to the City of Lights.  I thought it would be a cool idea to give her the opportunity to write a “guest blog” about her memories of travelling to Paris with her slightly wacky pink-sneaker attired "Auntie Nora".   Below is an excerpt from her travel journal:

As anyone who has read this blog will already know, my Auntie Nora has somewhat of an addiction to shopping, wine and small leather goods. As a kid, this makes any travelling excursion with her quite the experience, not only because of the crazy circumstances we often find ourselves under, but also because of the many similarities we share that make our adventures so memorable. For instance, we are both slightly fascinated by anything Parisian - which would account for my auntie's many trips to Paris - and oftentimes find ourselves in whimsical little boutiques and shops on narrow and hidden streets in the most peculiar districts. We are also both captivated - I perhaps more so than her - by stories of the long-dead royals and members of the aristocracy and delight in ambling around the ancient rooms and corridors of their residences, a favourite being Versailles (where I almost got lost forever). And, as anyone who has read this blog surely already knows as well, my auntie has a slight obsession with shopping for handbags, meaning that I, as her travel buddy, have had the chance to step foot in some pretty posh designer stores (Louis Vuitton!  Coach!) and have also come accustomed to spotting great deals and good prices.


My auntie and I have had some pretty crazy experiences travelling together.  When I was twelve, we went to Paris. We spent the first couple days of our trip looking for hot rollers since my auntie's curlers blew up and we were out of contact with our families due to the lack of a phone card (note to self: plan these things in advance!). We travelled around the city via the bateau bus (my auntie is not a fan of the metro) and ate pizza a few too many times at our favourite Italian restaurant. I became accustomed to drinking tap water since the price of soft drinks in Europe is extremely expensive and taking pictures in front of designer stores since we couldn't afford anything inside! Throughout the trip, I kept a journal of what we had done each day - visit the Eiffel Tower, see the Mona Lisa, walk along the Champs-Elysees. I also have some pretty crazy memories like calling home from a payphone in the Louvre, actually purchasing a small little something at the Louis Vuitton store and getting lost in Versailles, but those are all stories for another day...


 I was reading through my journal that I wrote in every day in Paris and found some really funny things...Here is one thing I wrote:

"It took us multiple failed attempts, but we finally reached my house's message line.  I told my mom that we have phone problems, Auntie Nora's curlers blew up, our borrowed cellphone won't work and Auntie Nora's laptop can't be used because a) Auntie Nora doesn't know how to use it, b) we were thinking it will blow up like the curlers and c) we don't know how to get internet".


Having to be responsible for my 12 year old niece on her first European trip was quite an eye-opening introductory lesson on “How to Act like a Mom in 12 Easy Steps”. Almost losing The Kid amongst the crowds in Versailles, desperately coaxing her to drink yummy tap water in restaurants because the price of Coca-Cola was an exorbitant 6 Euros a pop and searching for a pay phone in the Louvre, are some of the stories that I will be blogging about in the coming weeks.

Come follow Auntie Nora and The Kid on our escapades in Paris and come travel with us....

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