Missed the bus once again! Stranded in Mini Europe.

Map.  What map?  Schedule.  What schedule? 

Stranded.  In the middle of nowhere.  Yep.  Again!

The last bus had just departed, leaving Travel Bud and I in quite the quandary and in a bit of a pickle, to say the least.  It’s not like we had just aimlessly wandered out and about, without a clue of an itinerary or detailed agenda.  Nope.  Not us.  We had a plan.  An actual concrete visualization of what our day would be like.

Seriously?  You’ve got to be kidding, right?


We were right on schedule.  Up early, we skedaddled out of our hotel and high-tailed it to the waiting red Hop On Hop Off tour bus that would take us to Mini Europe Brussels – an amusement park of a totally different kind.  Showcasing miniaturized model replicas of all of the major European cities and attractions, Mini Europe offered a whirlwind tour of the continent in just under a couple of hours.  Who needs a plane, train or automobile when you can stroll at your leisure from country to country and not worry about missing your connection or having to to schlep cumbersome luggage along the way? 

Whee!!  Everything is so close!

No train trip is complete without a view of the castle!

Posing for selfies at iconic landmarks

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, the Acropolis and Big Ben are just a few of the miniature recreations on display.  An added element of interaction includes the eruption of Vesuvius and the fall of the Berlin Wall.  An amusement park with an educational twist, Mini Europe is a must-see for both old and young alike.

So, there we were.  So engrossed were we in snapping selfies by castles and posing by gondolas and windmills that we inadvertently lost track of time, mesmerized by the wealth of history and architecture on display.  With over 80 cities and 350 monuments so up close and personal to explore - not to mention taking a well deserved break for a vino and lunch - the day galloped on ahead of us and next thing you know we were huffing and puffing and sprinting for the last bus. 

Missed the bus. Also missed the tutorial on how to rotate pics. Yikes!

Yikes!!  Really should have looked at the timetable.

That just departed mere minutes ago.

So much for our well thought out plan…  

Plan.  What plan?  There’s a plan?

Yikes!!  Now what?

What better way to explore an unfamiliar part of town than by taking routes unknown along uncharted paths made all the more entertaining when you miss the last bus and are now stranded miles from somewhere on the road to nowhere.  All the more challenging if you haven’t a map to guide your way…. Just another day in the travel life of Pink Sneakers on the Go…

Stay tuned!!  Next blog – In four weeks – Wednesday, November 2nd!!

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