A Rooster on the North Sea coast - De Haan Aan Zee

Who knew that the Rooster on the Sea resided in the quaintest of coastal towns along the North Sea coast?  Had Travel Bud and I not had a bit of a squabble with regards to our scheduled itinerary, we never would have inadvertently stumbled upon this most picturesque of hamlets.  After all, it’s not every day that plans go awry and feet astray, skedaddling off in directions unknown, on the path to somewhere or possibly nowhere.  Or, is it? 

In all likelihood, if you’re on the road with cuckoo ol’ Auntie Nora and sidekick Oz, such diversions are part and parcel of pink sneakered travel on the go, a haphazard journey involving missed trains, misread maps and a whole lot of clueless wandering.  Add the occasional meltdown and tantrum to the mix and you’ve got a near catastrophic recipe for disaster, not to mention a pocketful of memories of the most unexpected kind.

So, there we stood, on the platform of the train station in de Haan Aan Zee, spewing, sputtering and muttering, bemoaning the fact that we were stranded in the middle of nowhere, miles from what appeared to be anywhere, let alone somewhere.  Irate and disgruntled, onward we trudged, paying scant attention to the beauty that engulfed us.  Belle époque edifices graced every which corner, their grand and elegant facades offering a hint of a glimpse into decades past whilst English style cottages added just that extra element of quaintness to the mix.  Foliage and blooms of a multitude of kinds dotted the landscape with brightly hued gardens boasting quite the kaleidoscopic surprise.

Each step found our dispositions shift as the easy, breezy old world charm of this seaside gem melted our hearts in the most delightful of ways.  The further we explored, meandered and discovered, the sunnier our spirits and the lighter our tread.  Wandering the afternoon away, we marvelled at how the hand of fate had magically led us to the Rooster on the Sea.

And off the beaten path.

Nothing like a squabble or two to divert us from Point A to perhaps stumble upon Point B, with nary a hope of get an inch closer to getting to Point Z!

Come travel the Belgian coast with Travel Bud and I, as we wander, meander, discover and of course, squabble.  For how else would we have inadvertently stumbled upon De Haan, a picture perfect seaside resort where roosters ruled and quaintness resided? 

Next blog post - In three weeks!  Wednesday, March 2nd!

Stay tuned for more escapades with Pink Sneakers on the Go in Belgium on a never-ending journey along roads yet undiscovered.

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