Shopping girl's tapas, paella and sangria adventures

Now that I've mastered the Spanish fashion lingo, thought I'd branch out and learn a little bit about Spanish food. After all, the term "shop till you drop" can really come true if you don't have any tapas or sangria to sustain you. Shopping is hard work! Not nearly as glamorous as the fashion magazines make it out to be. You have to run all over the city in your chic French pink keds, scout out the best bolso (handbags) and zapato (shoes) sales and sprint from shop to shop trying to snap up the latest bargains. Whew! I'm exhausted already! No wonder I wear les chic rose sneakers, as you certainly can't make that mad dash wearing les sexy stilettos!

 I’m absolutely famished. Carting those heavy leather good carrier bags around really works up an appetite and I need some sustenance now! Luckily for me, I'm in Barcelona, where there are fabulous dining options. Tapas, paella, tortillas, gazpacho, empanadas, tostadas, sangria and cava,  just a few of the edible offerings this spectacular city has to offer.


Taking a cue from my fashion mags, I figure that there will be pictures on the restaurant menus which will at least give me a clue as to what I will be eating. And voila....each and every tapas bar I go by has an extremely good looking fellow posted by the entrance, enticing you with a picturesque menu in hand.

I notice that the majority of the menus have something that is called "paella".


 Wow! The portions are huge! This will sustain me for at least a few more delirious shopping frenzy hours!


 The rice is golden saffron yellow, topped with gigantic shrimp, langoustines and mussels, just to name a few of the seafood toppings that are available. Did I read that correctly? A glass of wine is also included in the price!! Most lunch menus average anywhere from 10 to 15 Euros. This is my kind of fine dining establishment.....mouth-watering vino tinto...good looking waiters....and look....I can also see the handbag shop on the other side of the street!!


Come enjoy paella and vino with me....come travel with me.....


Pink sneakers top 3 foods to have while in Spain:


Tapas – bite size snack size goodies, ranging from a plate of olives, jamon (ham) on bread, meat croquettes, shrimp, anchovies, the list of choices is varied and absolutely delicious.

If you can’t decide what to eat, just order a few varied tapas dishes, a glass of wine and enjoy!


Paella – steaming hot saffron based rice dish that is topped with fresh local seafood, vegetables or meat. One of the most popular dishes is arros negre (black rice), which combines rice, black squid, fish-stock, olive oil and an array of seafood toppings.  Paella is large enough to be enjoyed by two persons but there are individual portions that are also available.


Churros – deep-fried sugar-coated fritters that are dipped in warmed chocolate.

This is best for breakfast with a cafe con leche (coffee with milk), when you can walk off all of the extra calories during the remainder of the day.


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