First Blog!

           My heart is pounding, my hands are shaking, I can barely keep a steady grip on the keyboard,  as I prepare to leap into the blogging world. This is my first blog and I’m petrified...what to write about?...will the words flow easily?....will people like or dislike my travel tales? Ok. Ok. Ok. Calm down. These are only my  personal travel experiences that I’m blogging views and perspective of the places I’ve seen, cities I’ve visited and the impressions they have left upon me.  I”m not endorsing one place over another, I’m not judging anything or anyone, I’m just sharing my view of the world with you.

           I don’t claim to be a world traveller but I have seen a bit of the globe. I’ve been camping in Cape Cod, have climbed the Eiffel Tower and have walked along the Amalfi Coast, just to  name a few of the places that I’ve set my pink sneakered feet in.  Travel books litter my home and if I’m not travelling on my yearly vacation,  I’m  busy plotting and planning my upcoming it next week,  next year or whenever.  If I sometimes can’t get the time off from work or funds are scarce, leaving big budget travel out of the question, I’ll gladly immerse myself in a picturesque travel book and imagine the possibilities. See? Travel doesn’t even have to be overly costly! Just go to the library or bookstore and choose your next destination. The hard part is going to be deciding where you want to go!
            I always find that every destination offers a new and unique learning it good or bad. You somehow end up figuring out how to navigate amongst a sea of foreign customs and traditions and return home with a new appreciation of all that the world has to offer. Let the journey begin...come travel with me...

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